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My Apologies To The Desert!

I reread my post from yesterday. Yikes! I think  maybe the fact that we drove five plus hours to Tempe on Wednesday, and the same five plus hours back Thursday had taken a toll on my brain. No, I’m not a desert person, but there is no denying the rugged beauty that can be seen there. We’ve made that trip more times that I can count. We have family in Arizona, and my husband has had business to conduct there. I think maybe seeing the scenery too many times may have taken effect too. However, it doesn’t stop me from taking dozens and dozens of photos out the car window. I have annoyed Dan more than he will ever admit (as I have said, he is wonderful), I am continually having him move his hands and head as he drives because he is the way of a shot I want to take. I sat this morning looking at the one hundred ninety-two photos that I took, and realized how wrong I was. It is beautiful, and dare I say it…magical. So in my apology to the desert I will post a few photos. I will be back later with some art, but I felt the need to express how I was feeling this morning. Also, in my defense, all the chocolate I packed to snack on in the car melted, that also effected my mood. I take my chocolate very seriously.ImageImage

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