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A Step In The Right Direction

It’s late as usual, but today wasn’t about avoidance. To begin with I did only a very small watercolor today, but I honestly thought that this would be the day I didn’t accomplish anything. I have a horribleimage, horrible neck and shoulder  injury from a car accident, and some days it rears its ugly head and becomes painfully intolerable. Today was one of was one of those days.  From the moment I woke I was in pain.  All that aside I took a major step in the right direction to further my artistic self-esteem. I have a friend here in town that owns the Temecula Valley Cheese Shop. I had spoken to her more than a year ago about selling in her shop. At the time she agreed, but “not good enough” was a major influence in my life at the time. Basically, I chickened out. I changed that today. I made up several cards using my photography and brought them into her store. I start selling later this week.  Of course now I’m worried that no one will buy them. Surprised? You shouldn’t be, many years of self-doubt have taken more than their toll. Well, that and I’m Irish. As I tell Dan when you’re Irish the glass is not only not half full, it isn’t even half empty, its shattered on the floor.

So here is the tiny painting of today, pinched nerve and all.  I will follow with photos of a few of my cards. Wish me luck, and if you happen to be in the cheese shop and need a card….

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