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Letting Life Get In The Way

It does seem that I am getting to my writing later and later. This trying to put myself first stuff is difficult for me. This morning I was full of energy and full of ideas about what I wanted to accomplish today, but as always life got in the way. Actually I think I put it in the way. I am awfully good at avoiding my fears. This project is meant to help me overcome that, lets hope it works. So around an hour ago sitting in the garden with my husband, daughter, freshly minted son-in-law, and a small glass of wine I drew my wine glass, and then my hand.

I had plans to finish the altered art piece I started last night, but I quite frankly ran out of steam. I honestly felt the night before homework dread creeping in. So I guess you call these desperation drawings. I refuse to let myself down on this project, but it had been a long day that included a sore throat. And to be completely truthful I received  a new magazine in the mail with some terrific recipes, and cooking truly is another passion for me.

So the drawing of the wine glass…not perfect, but I think not bad. It was fairly dark outside and I chose not to add any additional light. I really do want to start to do more simple drawings. I need to hone those skills and there is no better way than to practice, practice, practice. I think the drawing of my hand came out quite nice. Yes, my fingers really are that crooked and have been since birth. Actually, our creepy babysitter (who was actually a very sweet woman who had unfortunately suffered the effects of polio as a child), (OK, I know that sounds awful, but when you are six and your babysitter drags her leg and tells Jack In The Beanstalk in the most horrifying fashion ever, its creepy. And, I had not yet learned empathy, So all of you judgmental types…relax.) Hazel, told me that I would have arthritis in my hands when I grew up. Who says that to a six-year-old? Creepy. (You wouldn’t want to see my right hand which is even more crooked thanks to a couple of broken fingers last year.) Anyway, drawing my hand is just another practice drill. Having never learned the fundamentals I am going to try to learn them now. I am going to attempt to teach myself since going to class is still not a comfortable thing for me.

I also wanted to address last night’s entry. I wrote that I am uptight. My husband told me this morning that he disagrees. He said that the only place that I am uptight is in my art. I though it was an interesting observation. I have mentioned that I started drawing as a child at a very early age. What I didn’t mention was that as a kid I would re-outline the pictures in my sister’s coloring books. Seriously, when they colored outside the lines I would take the black crayon and redo the lines of their pictures. I told Dan about it this morning and it has been on my mind ever since. I can’t figure out why even then I was so concerned with the perfection of art. It’s something I will be thinking about.

Finally this evening I am again going to include food photos. Why? Because for me the imagination, creativity and care that I give when I cook a meal is art. Plating is as important to me as how the food tastes.

In case you are wondering…peppers stuffed with goat cheese and chorizo, shrimp with re-fried black beans, guacamole and a chipolte mayo sauce, chicken and black bean tostada, and finally, smoky olive poppers. There were also going to be beef empanadas, and I did make them, but we were too stuffed to eat anymore!

4 27 (4)IMG_97034 27 (6)4 27 (2)


So for tomorrow, I promise myself to cut loose and do something completely different, and this time actually do it!4 27 (14)

4 27 (15)

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