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Playing It Safe

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Late again as always. It’s just before nine and I’ve just finished my painting. It’s a watercolor once again. When I started my project I had intended to do much more oils which is truly my favorite medium, but my life doesn’t always allow for the time that involves. I do enjoy the instant gratification that watercolor offers, and honestly it’s just an easier mess to clean up.  We hiked today and I’m exhausted so that also played into my decision, but I need to be honest with myself too. I haven’t really fully committed myself to this project yet. I am feeling more comfortable with the idea of letting go with a few of my artistic hang ups, like making everything perfect, but I am most definitely not making the time for larger projects. So much of what I have done in the last month has been stuff that comes far too easy to me. I need to challenge myself. I need to stop knocking off quick small pieces to fulfill my promise to myself. Why is it that I never break promises to other people but find it so easy to fail to follow through for myself? When I read back what I have just written I see a lot of excuses. The plan with this project/blog was to force myself to jump head on into art, and as long as I skirt around the edges I won’t be accomplishing much more than I have in the last twenty years. Yes, I have produced art, more art than I can ever remember, but I am definitely playing it safe. No excuses tomorrow, time to jump in the deep end.

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