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Leaving Well Enough Alone

So tonight I have a really, really , really small piece of art to post. Worse than that, it was a pathetic desperate excuse for a piece of art work for my blog. I’m tired (I know, again, but if you haven’t figured out that I’m just a little older….) anyway, I did work on art today, I worked for hours bent over a project in the yard. I could show you what I did, but you’ve seen it before, several days ago in fact. It is a table top based on a vintage powder can that I own. All it needed was a few touch ups, but then the perfectionist in me took over.  (I’m sort of like Sybil. Who? A woman with sixteen personalities, that’s who. I have several myself, in no particular order, perfectionist, control freak, insecure, and timid to name a few). I’m back! As I was saying, I started doing the touch ups, but then I wasn’t happy with the background color, then the shade of black, the lines were too wide, her forehead to big….insert silent scream here…I pretty much ended up repainting the whole thing. Dan asked about it. He thought I was done, I was done, but apparently not done enough. The biggest issue is time. (Actually the biggest issue is me.) Like most artists, I figure I can never get paid for most of my time. When pricing something to sell you figure in materials, but how do you price time and talent? This table is something I intended to sell. I have now put in more hours than I care to think about. It was fine, everyone liked it, I liked it, but “not good enough” keeps finding the key to my psyche and letting himself in to undermine my efforts.  I need to lock him up and throw away the key, it costs me way too much to have “not good enough” on the loose.


OK, so here is the table once again. See any difference from the last time? I didn’t think so. Well maybe just a little.       Here is also my “Artist” card, I know…See you tomorrow

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