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In Sickness And In Health

6 4 (2)Tonight’s post will be a short one. I started antibiotics last night but right now I can barely keep my head up. Enough about that.

I so loved the effect of the wood burner on the table that I decided to play with it again today. I looked in my studio to see what was on hand and found a small wooden box that was painted white. If I remember correctly I was trying to decoupage something on it a few years ago. I did a sketch of some Irises on the lid. When I started to use the wood burner I got a different reaction to yesterday. When I burned the design in yesterday it gave the impression of inlaid Mother of Pearl. Today because there were a few layers of paint on the box, and I think maybe some Modge Podge residue, the design began to rise up on the surface. It still has a beautiful effect. I definitely want to continue down this path and experiment with the technique. I am posting a photo of the unpainted box, and then a second photo where the box has a single coat of paint on it. There is still much work to be done on it. I want to touch up some of the burn marks, as well as add more paint.  I’m not sure if I want to keep the background painted with the same pearl paint as the flowers, or if I want to doing something a little different, possibly black to make the flowers pop. I really wasn’t up to the task today, but I refuse to lay down and not create. Maybe I need a slogan like the post office…through wind and rain, and sleet and snow…I think I’m getting delirious with fever. Better things tomorrow .

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