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Finding A Minute For Art

Back home in Chicago for a few days. Actually out in Grayslake with my Dad. Not much time for art today, I spent the entire day cooking for my family, all fourteen that were available, to celebrate Dad’s birthday. He will be eighty-one on Thursday. I unfortunately have no photos, but I made sun-dried tomato pesto jam, served with herb goat cheese and crostini. Fresh pesto, potato ravioli with an Alfredo sauce, crispy pancetta, and fried sage. A wedge salad with freshly made Thousand Island dressing, baked tomato with pine nut, Parmesan crust, a baked ham (Dad’s favorite), and cabbage (the only green that should exist according to my Dad). By the time we ate, had cake, and presents and did clean up, I had no time for art. I did a quick little watercolor late this evening. I’ll be here until Sunday, and it may be difficult to get to my project every day, but I’ll do it. If illness doesn’t get in the way, what’s a little family time? I just have to make sure I don’t give myself an excuse or an out, and more importantly, I just have to make sure I give myself the time. I always heard that if you exercise for six weeks it gets in your blood and you crave it. Who ever (or is it whom?) came up with that gem is clearly insane, or is someone who is genetically blessed and doesn’t need to exercise. I know, I exercised for a long, long time, and I hated it. It never got in my blood, but this project definitely is. I know there are days when my work isn’t my best, there are days when life gets in the way, or days I’m honestly just not in the mood, but I know I need to do this. I feel like I’m playing catch up on a lifetime of wasted time. This is it, no more false starts, no more empty promises to myself.image

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