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An Addendum

I posted in my blog this morning that I had turned down a job. After multiple whiny posts about job loss it may have seemed like a terrible thing to do. There is also the fact that I want to open a retail business. Retail=Standing on one’s feet. Don’t ask me why I feel the need to explain myself but here goes…

The job involved standing, cleaning, standing, cooking, standing, serving, standing, cleaning…you get the picture. I have had six knee surgeries, and I have atrophy of the Achilles tendon in my left ankle, so as you can see not so good for standing. However, the nice thing about working for yourself, and having a lovely understanding, sympathetic, and caring husband, is that when I need to sit for a minute I can. I have no delusions about knee pain ahead if we are successful in getting things up and running, but it will be the pain of success, and that is pain I can live with.

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