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Up For Sale

So where have I been? Here, at home as always. Dragging my feet on selling the house. I know, I know, it’s time to go. (See? Even in my misery I rhyme) actually I’m not miserable, I’m doing ok. We are as I write this putting together a YouTube video of our home. We will be listing tonight, all the fussing and fixing is over, just the daily grind of having to wrangle in the cat hair tumble weeds less they scare off a buyer. Truth is we live in desert country, lots and lots of dust, throw in three cats and I’m a Swiffer commercial. Try as I might there’s just no way to contain it all. I’m armed and ready, wet/dry vac (because the regular vacuums that we’ve owned surrendered in defeat), broom, Swiffer wet, and Swiffer dry, and lots of determination. I will also need to avoid showing the house at particular times of day when despite my efforts the sun streams through the window like a spotlight in search of a star and discovers mounds of cat hair that lie in wait, mocking my Swiffer best. (I do believe at this point the Swiffer people should be considering assisting me in my hour of need.)

As we prepare to leave this home we are of course looking towards the future. Tomorrow I will begin to hunt for our new home. We are hoping that will be in the city of Fullerton, CA. We are on the lookout for a fixer-upper, something that we can give new life to. Something like us, a house that’s older, but still looks fairly decent, may have some internal issues, but hopefully nothing too bad, something that needs a little facelift, and some love.

…I wrote the post above a few days ago. I house hunted Wednesday, and quite frankly came back somewhat discouraged. Out here in the desert your dollar goes a lot farther. I did see a few houses that were definite possibilities, and one that I loved. Unfortunately the one I loved was the most expensive (of course), and it was around eight hundred square feet. Our current home is 3036, I told Dan I’m going to buy him a recording of “Getting To Know You”, because at that square footage there will no escaping one another. The other huge issue I came across is the appalling condition of some of these homes. I want a fixer-upper, not a filthy dirty, disgusting mess. I cannot believe the condition of some of these homes. I did manage to have some fun. My good friend Lori is acting as my realtor for my house search. We laughed the entire day as we made our way through some really bad spaces with mysterious odors. She was recording my comments for the realtors of each of the spaces we were in. The biggest suggestion I have for most is, “Buy a broom.”

Today is our first attempt at an open house. It’s been nearly two hours and we haven’t had to open the door yet. Dan just said that its like throwing a party and no one is coming. I feel stressed and anxious. The house is immaculate, looks great, and I am hoping that someone will walk through the door and love it. I promised photos, but if you would really like to see the results of our hard work, check out our YouTube video,which can be found on my Facebook professional page.  I am Jacqueline Zuckerman on Facebook, or go to YouTube and find us by address.  43425 Monte CT. Temecula. Feedback is more than welcome!

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