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Getting My Priorities Straight

So there I was again last night, trying to think of something to do for this blog. It was after seven and I hadn’t even begun to figure out what I wanted to do. Why is this? Let’s see, oh yes, the refrigerator repair man was coming yesterday. That’s right, and of course there is the chance that he might be bringing the cleanliness inspectors. He said any time between ten and two, that’s a big window, and I woke before six, but I cleaned until he came. I mentioned being my father’s daughter the other day. Well, this is where I am my mother. No one, and I mean no one, gets into the house if it isn’t impeccably clean. Because as you all know that is how it looks all the time. The honest truth is that I am messy. Not dirty, there is a HUGE difference, but when I cook the kitchen is a disaster. When I paint, there is paint everywhere, including almost always on my face. If I could recreate a tree from the amount of paper in my house I could make a redwood or two. So art was pushed aside in pursuit of a clean kitchen floor. I then chose to work on a picture for a friend, it was Winnie the you know who (and, for the sake of legal crap will not be making an appearance here). She has a niece coming to visit and I wanted to contribute to the decor. Another friend has just become a grandmother, so I needed another gift. When that was done there was a trip to the post office, stuff to return at the store, grocery shopping, you get it. I put everything ahead of the project at hand. It isn’t that I don’t want to work on my art, I have just become so accustomed to putting it and myself last that I don’t even think about it. This self imposed pressure that I have created by starting this blog will hopefully change that.

Earlier in the day I had been looking through a box of words that I have. It is a box filled with magazine clipping of single words and quotes. I love words, I love quotes, and my intention with all of this was to create collage, and do some art journaling. (Notice the word intention, I have a lot of intentions when it comes to art, I just don’t follow through on it.) I came across a scanned photo of myself from kindergarten. It is a bad, pix-elated photo that has scratches in it. As I looked at that photo I wondered about the little girl I used to be, and how I ended up so full of self doubt. So I drew me, at least the me I was a very long, long time ago. I’ve never done a self portrait, and again I tried a different approach to sketching, but I am fairly happy with the results. That led me to a quick drawing of a lemon at 4:30 this morning (absolutely insane, and I know it). Here are my drawings.

By the way, the fridge is fixed, my house is still somewhat clean, but I will be traveling today. What does that mean for art today? Who knows? There is the distinct possibility that I will be up late tonight in a hotel room frantically sketching something.ImageImageArt, Illustration, sketching, thoughts

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