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Painting Under Pressure

Yesterday was not a good day for art, and today isn’t much better. I was actually cursing myself last night for starting this blog…the pressure….the pressure.

I painted last night, and drew last night, but did I complete anything? No I did not. Also, as I predicted it was late at night in a hotel room. There were a few problems dancing around in my head, most of which are personal and I won’t share, but two other issues were in the way. The first is that the drive through the Arizona desert wasn’t the inspirational trip I hoped for. I’m sure you have all heard that the desert can be magical. Maybe you are one of the people who believe that, I am not. I enjoy color, vibrancy…living things. OK, I admit there are times when the light is right, or the night sky is filled with stars that it looks beautiful. I think the people who call it magical are dying of thirst and hallucinating.  If I were a pioneer and got this far I probably would have said, “Crap, I starved, suffered and sacrificed for this?” At that point I would have made a u-turn in the wagon, (of course only if it was legal), and headed back to the other coast.  Then the other issue, which was actually a good thing. If you ever get to Scottsdale check out Zinc Bistro. The closest thing we’ve found to Paris since Annisette’s closed in Santa Monica.  A cheese and charcuterie course, a bottle of French wine, well lets just say I chose a lovely early dinner with the love of my life over art. If you knew him you wouldn’t blame me in the least.

This morning I tried again. Reworking some of last nights work, nothing was going right. So I spent a few hours pursuing my other passion, antique browsing. Late afternoon back at the hotel, the stars aligned, angels sang, and I did a watercolor.  Ladies and gentlemen, Finally, today’s work of art! (And actually since it was for yesterday I still have to work tonight. But, I will be home in California, and there will be color!).

And since this writing this in the car and can’t figure out how to attach my photo, I will post it on its own.

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