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The Day Isn’t Over

I’m back….just when you thought you’d heard the last from me today, but the piece of art I posted earlier was from yesterday. I almost gave up today. Earlier in the day I was letting the “not good enough” voice in my head worm its way into my consciousness. Stress here at home from Dan’s job situation was weighing heavily on my mind, and my dad who is eighty isn’t feeling his best, and he too has been worrying me. The truth is though that what I look for, and always have looked for, is a way to not work on my art. I can find so many ways to put up roadblocks for myself, and this morning I was laying the foundation. I was formulating excuses to stop this project in my mind. I can’t do that, I don’t want to wait another ten years and say, “I should have”. So I worked on the earlier piece. I really didn’t think I would finish it, I thought it would go by the wayside (remember the photos of my mom and grandmother? Still sitting waiting to be turned into something…anything). But then the epiphany, and the finished piece that I loved. So tonight, even though I was tired I did one more piece of art, just a pencil drawing, but I did it. I didn’t lose a day, I kicked my way through that wall that was half built in my head. It doesn’t mean I won’t lay down a few bricks tomorrow when I get creatively frustrated, but it helps to know I can get past myself when I push hard enough.This is a sketch of a statue that I love that was my mother’s. Regular old #2 pencil with just a touch of red.Mary

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