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To Be Continued…

9:17 p.m. And my project for today has only just begun.  Actually, I had an idea earlier in the day, which I did start on, but I had to go to a friend’s house for an opportunity to do a few small creative jobs. We ended up staying for quite a while sitting in her beautiful garden. I had another friend coming for dinner, so window of time for art started to close. All of that means that I will have to finish in the morning. I will however share what I have so far. I used some home bake clay to create some molds to use in altered art work. I have a collection of vintage pins that I pushed into the clay and baked. I plan on using the molds to make other clay impressions and to do paper pulp. I am working on another piece of altered art using a cigar box, an old book, and somehow incorporating the molds. For now I’m sitting in my beautiful garden, enjoying the company of my husband and a good friend.

See you in the morning!  ImageImage

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