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One Brick At A Time

Happy Anniversary to me! No, not a wedding anniversary, but an artistic one. This post is my 31st. Big deal, right? It is for me. I have never in my entire life produced thirty plus pieces of art inside a month’s time. Other than following a weight loss program several years ago, I have never stuck to anything that was just for me since my teenage diaries. I had intended to celebrate yesterday, but it was Mother’s Day and other plans took precedence. My intention of celebrating was to do something really special for the day, some really great piece of art. So here it is the next day and did I do some really great piece of art? Yes and no, I guess. I have a friend who has hired me to help her with a decor dilemma. As any artist knows, sometimes you work to pay the bills, and sometimes it’s about helping out someone you care about.

My project today is in its own way a commentary on this blog. So many phrases could be applied to this project I have embarked on. Things such as “one step at a time”, “one day at a time”, you get the idea. I have taken this project “one brick at a time”, some days coming easier than others, some days feeling like a total fraud and failure, drowning in my own doubts, but there have also been amazing days when I have produced pieces that I am really proud of. Art that I look at in awe wondering how I did it. There have been a few days where if you’ve been following my blog, you know I just threw something together to get the “homework” done. I also hope that anyone who sees the good work, the stuff I like, that it evokes something inside you like good art is meant to do. So here on my anniversary, and oh so fittingly is today’s work. It took all day. I suggested that my friend might want to add a faux brick wall to the troubled area in her home. She admittedly doesn’t have the vision I have, where it is already a completed project in my head. So I made her a brick wall, no mortar required. I had a very large cardboard box left over from my daughter’s wedding. With Dan’s help I cut it into a 48×50 inch cardboard wall. We then cut out each and every brick from cardboard, I painted the back to match an existing brick wall that is in the room already, faux finished each individual brick to match existing brick using a photo I had taken in her home,and finally (how appropriate), I attached one brick at a time to the wall. So, I didn’t exactly get to create that “amazing” piece of art for today, but I think I may just have created something much more fitting for the occasion.



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