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The Things That Mean The Most

Small project tonight, but inspired by a great deal of feeling. I mentioned that my son wrote a poem for me for Mother’s Day. As I said the other day I cried when I read it because I really felt like he understood where my head and heart are at these days. I just felt the need to put it in a piece of art. I want to work with it more tomorrow, but two pieces are done for now. He felt bad because he thought he hadn’t done enough for me, it couldn’t be farther from the truth. What he gave me was more than any amount of money can buy. For all the times I think he isn’t listening as I talk, or that in his eyes I am only “Mom”, or that he doesn’t understand that there are things in life that I want for myself, he showed me just how present he is in my life. I couldn’t post earlier because I was waiting to gain his permission to post his writing. He seemed unsure but finally gave the go ahead.

I also painted a sign for a friend. It is one of the things that comes so easy to me, something completely different from the work I want to focus on, but something I think she will like.



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